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OUR MISSION: NCP is a U.S. Presidential Electoral Party registered with and sanctioned by the Federal Elections Commission. NCP is organized to challenge the most threatening injustices in an effort to identify common ground within the political atmosphere. We seek to identify pain points at the community level and assist in identifying the best ways forward.  We believe politics as usual has failed many of our citizens. We owe it to the next generation to correct this. It is our responsibility to pave the way for them by complete inclusion. They've worked hard to show us our mistakes. We at NCP believe it's time we take our children into complete consideration. They can lead us, and show us the way.


OUR VISION: For and by the will of the people, Our mission champions common-sense regulation in our society through community involvement, education, scientific advancement, and economic growth. As a party, we work together, state by state, jurisdiction by jurisdiction, and hand in hand with the people and for the people. We work with community leaders, small business entrepreneurs, and civic and social organizations to help shape laws, regulations, and equity empowerment for all.


OUR VALUES: We, as united and ubiquitous proponents of sustaining the well-being of the country. We at NCP, hereby dedicate ourselves to The Consensus and expediting the fair and socially equitable distribution of education, resources, and opportunities for The People of this great nation. We stand and toil in support of an eradication of the ‘War on Drugs,’ and overall, the People’s entitled, and unabated access to planning their own future.

OUR VISION: The right to live your life unapologetically, and as you see fit.

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