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Our Mission


NCP is a federally recognized Presidential Electoral Party registered with, and sanctioned the Federal Elections Commission. NCP is organized to challenge the most pressing industry issues in effort to aid those in support of cannabis. We seek to identify pain-points at the community level, and assist in the creation of jobs for non-partisan research and development of cannabis within the United States. 


OUR MISSION: For and by the will of the people, Our mission champions common-sense regulation into our society through community involvement, education, scientific advancement, and economic growth. As a party, we work together, state by state, jurisdiction by jurisdiction, and hand in hand with the people and for the people. We work with community leaders, small business entrepreneurs, civic and social organizations to help shape laws, regulations, and equity empowerment for all.


OUR VALUES: We, as united and ubiquitous proponents of the substance of cannabis and the well-being of the country as a whole. We at NCP, hereby dedicate ourselves the Consensus and expediting the fair and socially equitable distribution of education, resources, and opportunities for consumer patients and entrepreneurs. We stand and toil in support of an eradication of the ‘War on Drugs,’ and the expungement of all non-violent cannabis-based judicial sentences and incarcerations, and overall, the People’s entitled, affordable, and unabated access to the Plant itself.

OUR VISION: The development of the industry has been propelled by the leadership of medical professionals, business consultants, legal advisors, accounting firms, independent industrial standards bodies, ancillary product and service providers, state compliance departments, and researchers. The people need laws that champion industry legacy and equity empowerment. Laws that mandate fair and equitable taxes. Laws that make it financially feasible to provide fairly priced medicinal products for patients and lower income residents. Laws and regulation that foster safe and compliant operations and not inhibit viable sustainability.

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