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NCP Real World EDU
Where Text Book & Real World Come Together

NCP's Real World EDU Combines Community Equity Empowerment (CEEP)

With the support of over 100 Colleges and Universities, NCP is investing in the development & preparation of the countries youth. Re-introducing the value and power of their vote. NCP will be introducing and providing access to Washington directly. This in order for students to understand and take part in writing policy. All according to how they see and value the new frontier. NCP EDU Participants will have a strong hand in moving the industry forward, in a responsible and inclusive manner. NCP EDU Participants will assist in the development of programs that keep our communities safe, provide consumer safe guidelines, best practices, and the service processes necessary, for a consumer safe industry. In many cases, NCP's EDU will greatly assist and lead the NCP CEEP Initiative.


Please note: NCP DOES NOT and WILL NOT support any business that engages in community and/or consumer endangerment.

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