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Community-Equity-Empowerment Starts Here.

NCP's Community Equity Empowerment Program (CEEP)

Politicians still believe The People of Cannabis are expendable. Instead of assisting by providing community based opportunities and training, they want to take away the promise of Equity-Empowerment. There is no doubt major concerns plague the industry's ability to move forward in a responsible manner. But these issues are by choice, not due to lack of available solutions. There is responsibility that comes with taking part in the industry. The protection of the consumer is PRIORITY-ONE, and a ABSOLUTE MUST. But finger-pointing and blaming the community is not the answer.  The answer lies in the provision of programs that allow for true Community based Equity-Empowerment.

The CEEP Nationwide Initiative


Designed to work with organizations, businesses and individuals, interested in moving the industry forward in a responsible and inclusive manner. CEEP provides simple solutions that legally battle the current political status-quo. CEEP provides the community with the tools to keep our communities safe, provide consumer safe guidelines, best practices, and the service processes necessary, for a consumer safe community. CEEP provides the community the ability to patronize based on competitive pricing and options, not driven by political agendas. 

NCP is here to ensure "The People Of Cannabis" are represented at the highest of levels. As an Electoral Party, we are working to send the following messages to ALL Elected Officials;


Please note: NCP DOES NOT and WILL NOT support any business that engages in community and/or consumer endangerment.

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